thirddegreepunishment and I looking very confused for no particular reason xD (He’s soooo cute <3)


do you ever read people’s tags and get like damn why can’t I hang out with this majestic funny motherfucker


the space bunny army is recruiting! recruiting! we accept any able-bodied bun! but, but, we will choose the new space bunnies on august 1st! august 1st!

the space bunnies will take over the world with our cuteness and we want you to join!


  • cutie friends! cutie!
  • someone to talk to!
  • you can play games!
  • lots of benefits! benefits!
  • a cute blog for all the bunnies to share!


  • don’t need to follow anyone!
  • reblog as many times as you want! as you want!
  • but, but, reblog before august 1st! august 1st!
  • august 1st is when we choose!
  • don’t delete the text!


  • five buns will be chosen!
  • you’ll all be added to the blog! it’s one giant tumblr, where you can reblog anything cute (within limits, such as nothing nsfw).
  • we’ll all be friends!

if you’re chosen you’ll be sent a message with more information. you must be willing to give your email so we can add you to the group.

the network


**do not delete text**

Hello~! I decided to make a Tumblr Awards (featuring dessert food since I am a hopeless potato in love with food for helping me reach my follower goal~! So here’s just a little something for all of you~


must be following me  (please check my blog/archive before following), as this is for my followers

♔no point in entering if you’re just going to unfollow after :p

Reblog this post to enter (likes only count as bookmarks)

Anyone can enter, but you’ll have a better chance at getting chosen if you’re one of these blog types: kfashion, colourcoding (of any colour), anime, photography (of any type), japanese, kpop~


chocolate mousse: best url (2)

ice-cream truffle: best sidebar icon (1)

cheesecake: best theme (2)

strawberry cream pie: best kfashion blogs (2)

blueberry pie: best colour-coding blogs (3)

cream-dipped marshmallows: best pink blogs (2)

vanilla cupcake: best white blogs (1)

chocolate fondue: best blue blogs (3)

hot fudge sundae: best playlist (1)

strawberry icing doughnutbest japanese blogs (2)

latte’: best kpop blogs (2)

♔ chocolate sundae: best kawaii blog (3)

berry pie: best anime blog (2)

banana shortcake: best original posts (1)

caramel pudding: best pale blogs (2)

vanilla shortcake: best monochrome blog (2)

macaroon: best photography blog (1)

red velvet cake: best overall (3)

Higher chance of getting chosen:

follow my botm (cyurei)~?

check out my friends’ blogs~ x, x , x and x

message me here and feel free to tell me which category/ies you’re aiming for. It can be two, five or as many as you want :p That way, I can have more of a clear idea on which blogs go to which categories~

talk to me, I don’t bite I swear :3

check out my other blogs: x (anime), x (blue), x (japanese), and x (colour-coding)

Winners will receive:

A link on my blog forever:3

A follow back from me (if I’m not already)

my eternal love and friendship :3 sweatdrops

 blog+archive screenies

promos, promos lots of promos!

Joint promos-feel free to ask!


♔ entries are open until July 31st

♔all  winners will be notified by me via fanmail/ask

♔ banner picture credit : x

♔ must reach 50+notes, or I’ll pretend this never happened ;;

♔ I check out everyone’s blogs who reblog this^^

♔ ask me here if you have any questions~

♔ aaaaaand…good luck~!